by Lupe’ King

O’ such a thirsty, hungry world!

Searching for water and bread

that will satisfy…


Empty hearts looking to be filled,

tired of lies and wanting Truth


The dry, hard, cracked ground

of these present times

no longer satisfies.


Like Nomads continually

moving on…they seek a dwelling place,

a place to call their own, a home.


Father God, they’re desperate,

hungry, lost…all alone,

there’s no one, no one, like You!


A tender touch from You is all

they need…that penetrating gaze-

of understanding and love…


O’ that Your Holy arms

would enfold them…

into Your embrace

they’d surrender…


Your tender voice of assurance

is all they need to hear;

“Come to me all that are weary and

 heavy laden and I will give you rest.”


Father, Father! Let not the

darkness of their present estates

cause You to turn away!

God, God, God! You are the

only Fountain of Life,

there is no other Way!


Draw them out as water

from a rock! 


ABBA O’ ABBA! they are diamonds

in the rough…pearls being held by

the darkness and the deep!


Father, save them, save them!

from their orphaned estates!


ABBA, remember, I too was an orphan

once, but You came and You said,

“Though your father and mother

forsake you, yet will I receive you,”

and You did!


You, Faithful to Your Word,

made a promise and You kept it.

Help them ABBA, help them see, feel,

and know their need for You!


Dry my tears ABBA,

for the broken and

lost generations, turn my

mourning into joy!


My intercessions will not cease

on their behalves until

East meets West and West

meets East!


I will not let You go until

You have blessed me!

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