by Lupe’ King


O’ opened wounds of long ago

slashed upon with swords of

cruel and angry words…


O’ children of slumped shoulders

and undried, relentless tears…


Do you not know…have  you

not  heard of He who seeks to

heal your wounds of hardened



He who weeps with you,

and seeks to dry your tears,

He who wills that you would stand up straight again…


He is the One who dares to

rise on your behalves


He who rides the storms and

makes the wind His messengers


He who hits the Bull’s Eye

each and every time


He who crushes serpents’ heads

with one effortless

stomp of His heel


It is He The Mighty Warrior King

born in a humble stable

amongst the sheep and goats


He who left glory and

counted not the cost!


He who lived and died

amongst us, that someday

we would be with Him


You who feel you come from nowhere…you come from

God’s own womb


You who feel like you’re nothing,

you are the reason He came, lived, died, and rose again


You who feel you’re going nowhere,

in His many mansions there

is room for you.


You who feel you cannot go, because

you have no way to pay…


To all that you owed and those that

owned you, with His own life

and blood, the price has been paid


For no one can own a Child

of the King, no wound is unhealed,

by His stripes you now are,

no shoulders are slumped, no burdens remain.


Come! sit and bask in His

righteous truth, you are healed,

forgiven ,and redeemed,

You are a Child of The King!

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