Wild Horses

by Dan Goddard

During a time of prayer I was telling the Lord that I was feeling disconnected in my heart from the Church. Specifically from the structure that made it hard for me to feel that I belonged. As an itinerant minister, I felt like an observer who was on the outside looking in. This had been a long term sadness and frustration in my heart, ever since I responded to the call of God on my life; to go wherever He called me to go.

Prior to this; I was very involved in a local church, and an integral part of its functioning and decision making.

The sense of not belonging, and not receiving encouragement or financial and moral support from my own church, or the church at large; was very difficult.

It was at this point that I had a vision: I saw myself standing on the outside of a giant dome looking in. The dome was enormous, with millions of people under it. The structure was made of metal with a see through membrane. I realized that the Lord was also standing with me on the outside; looking in. We were standing with millions of other people in the darkness that was on the outside of this dome; while the people on the inside were living in the light. They were very busy going on with their lives; oblivious to the fact that we were out there looking in. Suddenly, horses came bursting out of the structure and running past us. When they did; the Lord said “Wild horses.” He then told me that the people under the dome were the Church, and that His Spirit was coming on people (the wild horses) who would break out of the present structure and allow those on the inside to come out; as well as open the way for those on the outside to come in.

As more and more horses burst through the walls of the dome, it began to collapse, and the light began to flow into the darkness.

 I heard the Lord clearly say: “the present relational structure of the Church is going to radically change so that My Kingdom can come to earth.”

One Response to Wild Horses

  1. Ralph Stinson says:

    WOW! This past Sunday during worship service, out of the blue, I heard this: ‘My prophetic people are like wild horses’! I said yes in my spirit, and immediately thought of three people; one of which broke out and prophesied. The next day I begin looking up prophetic meaning of wild horses wherein I found this prophesy insight on google. I am a 40+ year believer and associate. pastor and chairman of the board of the church, son n law of the founder. Yet As Dan Goddard said: he was on the outside looking in; I felt as though He was describing me. Actually, I described myself as being wrapped in cellophane, like he said the dome was wrapped in… I could see out but just could not break out of it. I considered it my own mind that was fighting me,,, but deep down knowing it was more than that… even to the point it was our own church or the general church at large.

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