“Now What?” Living in the ‘Opposite Spirit’

by Dan Goddard

Two weeks prior to the U.S. presidential elections on Nov. 6th 2012, I received a clear prophetic word concerning who would win the elections; as well as the effect upon the Church and the Nation.

These are the words that I heard God speak: “Neither Obama nor Romney, are my choice for President. I will use the “desperation” caused by Obama’s re-election to release a “Spirit of intercession” upon my Church. Many hearts will be purified, and a deep unity will come upon many of my people.”

I knew in the revelation, that the “desperation” was the Father’s gift to the Church of America, and that the “Spirit of intercession” was a specific outpouring of Holy Spirit, that had been reserved for this very hour; and not simply desperate people praying more…. ; something that we had not yet seen, and could not copy from the past….

I was told to “not share the word until the proper time”.

One week after the elections, I again received a clear prophetic word that was a continuation of the previous word.

This is what the Spirit spoke to me: “This is the hour to walk in “the opposite Spirit” in a way that my Church has never done.” I then was given (Jeremiah 29:1-14) as the model to follow in this season.

Since that day I have had an unfolding series of revelation that is all part of the whole. I will share them as a conversation that I had with God: “The U.S. is divided politically, and the Church is divided spiritually. Many States are seeking to secede from the union. Most laugh at this, but it is not a joke. Satan has an agenda to bring another civil war to the U.S. He has the legal right to do this, because of the division in My Body. The civil war that once divided this Nation was caused by the division in My Church; those for slavery and those who opposed slavery. All this was done in My name, and backed up by biblical doctrines… The root of this “divisive spirit” is still in the Land. This is why My Church must walk in “the opposite Spirit” or once again brother will fight against brother; both in the physical and in the spiritual realm.

There is another civil war that is coming to My Church; one that I have mandated. This war will be waged in the Spirit, and will set many slaves free from “dead religion”, and establish true “Spiritual government”. This Government will be founded upon Love, Truth, Honor and Sacrifice.

Deep love will bring deep unity.

Truth will bring stability.

Honor will bring trust.

Sacrifice will bring freedom.”

 On November 18th, 2012, I was told to begin publicly releasing this revelation everywhere that I was given the opportunity… 


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