Simple Things of Life

By Lupe King

May your prayers of joy be raised to Me as incense through the bonfires of your soul and may your need for Me be seen even when you are most happy.

I long for your happiness to be composed of the little things; the sun rising in the east, a marigold in full bloom, the laughter of children in a playground or a park, a sparrow dust bathing, the lone cry of the Mourning Dove, and the faces of happy friends.

Will you become My parchment on which I may write My love-letter to your fellow-man? May I tattoo a heart on your sleeve with My declaration of love for My best Creation, man?

MY LOVE FOR Creation is demonstrated even in a fallen tree, it is a true symbol of My love! The tree gives its shade and shelter to birds, beasts, and man, it tempered the force of the wind, the heat of the sun to the tender plants beneath its branches; through its bark sheets of paper are produced; wood, enough for a hundred cheerful fires. Woodpeckers were provided for, sweet sap fed insects and worms. Through it, all My creatures had their daily bread.

May you never be bored by My miracles, may you never yawn at My wonders, May you never take Me for granted.

May you enjoy the miracle of waking, and the miracle of knowing you are still alive! May you have the awareness of knowing that you are a breathing, walking, thinking proof of my love and mercy!


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