Who Is This One


by Donna Milham


SOS 8:5 (Passion Translation)

“Who is this one? Look at her now! She arises from her desert of difficulty loving and leaning into her Beloved”


We arise from the desert of difficulty – loving and leaning INTO our Beloved.

We are not alone, we are never alone – we lean not in weakness, but in surrender,

becoming one with Him!

He is our passionate pursuit – He is our destinyand our Home – now and for all eternity!

We are terrible and tender like Him –

He is a Banner that unfurls over and around us of Holy Love, ever declaring who we are and WHOSE we are.

We march under and in His Presence of Love and it is implanted into our hearts.

I AM My Beloved’s and He IS mine.

Not a wish – a REALITY – a living daily reality –

Journey, enter deeper and deeper into His Pierced Side –

Access to His Holy Heart’s Chambers

Teeming with sound, rhythms, colors, secrets, accessed by the Blood of the Lamb.

Eternal Doorway opened – His Pierced Side- Heavenly Portal of Desire – opened in His very Side and He invites us to enter

Here He begins to show us the secrets of His Heart and His Desire for us – within His Being – Holy Nature – we are transformed into His likeness again and again – revealing our true identity.

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