By Lupe King

A while back as I walked and spent time at the ocean, I pondered about the ocean’s waves and its tides.  I asked Father if there was anything I could learn from the ocean concerning Creation-Man…the following was His response:


Creation-Man is like the ocean’s treasures of colored glass, small pebbles, and tiny sea creatures.  The tide when high covers everything below itself and there are few of these ocean’s treasures that make it to shore.  When the tide is low, there is great exposure for those that have been left lying upon the sands.  Waves at times are great and at times are quite gentle.  When they are great, there is little that can and does remain within its depth; great waves bring forth great treasures, all in different forms, sizes, and varieties.  Gentle waves bring forth smaller and lighter varieties of the same ocean gifts.  Creation-Man, great or small, all come from the same place, the heart of Creator God.


Creation-Man is moved back and forth by those things that they have come to know are greater than themselves, often times giving in to what they consider to be, “Just the way it is.”


High tides, when speaking about Creation-Man, are those things that create depth, the things in life that Creation-Man, allows to overwhelm them, at times keeping them deep, and under.  Low tides are those things that they feel are beyond themselves to have some control over-things that are now at the surface that have been brought from the deep, things which are no longer hidden, things left in the open, exposed to all that venture that way to see.  It is a place of unwanted, unplanned, and unexpected vulnerability.


It is easier to find and pick our treasures from the ocean during low tides, since the ocean itself draws them forth and deposits them, at times, right at our feet.  Then there is a, “Little while,” to examine and choose what gifts to accept or leave where they are.  Soon the movement of the tide may draw them back.


So it is with Creation-Man, a God given opportunity may remain for a little while.  As Children of Light, it is you that must seize each and every opportunity to gather-up for Creator God, the souls of Creation-Man.  When left to themselves and what they have come to know as, “Just the way it is,” is a grave mistake on your part and theirs.


It is the will of Creator God that you would react in compassion and empathy and not give way to judgment. 


The treasures of the deep can only be accessed by those that are willing and able to go,”DEEP,” and requires a, “Heart of Rescue.”


Every Child of God possesses the ability to do this, for you are all, Fisher’s of Men!  Some may know how to cast the net and, “work “it.  Some of you deep sea creatures know how to go deep into the ocean and retrieve its treasures.  Both are needed and one cannot be without the other, together, the Children of God complement each other.  Separately…both will still function, but are not efficient enough for the treasures of the souls of man, as some may go unseen and acknowledged.

*So, Father thank you for this great insight on Creation-Man.  May we, all your children step into being the Fishers of Men, you have called us to be, in all kinds of tides and waves, on the land and in the sea (see), on the surface and in the deep.


Blessings to You, O great One,


In Behalf of all Your Children

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