Dancer’s Prayer


by Jen Brinton

I’ll give You more than a fancy jig.
I’ll give You every step,
Every gasp for air,
Every piercing shout.
I’ll surrender my movements to the flow of the Spirit.
I will leap like the gazelle,
Soar like the eagle,
Skip like the calf,
Twirl like the whirlwind,
Gallop like the horse,
Dive into the depths of You.
I will proclaim your goodness, grace, light, and love
In every direction.
I will throw myself at Your feet,
Stand to attention in Your courts,
And step forward into Your plans for my life.
Let every atom in my body be in agreement
With this passionately abandoned wild display
Of what my heart screams, but words cannot say.
Let Your Spirit cause me to dance
In ways I did not know I could move.
Fill me continuously with the delight
That shines from Your countenance.
Let Your joy become my dance of victory,
Your jealous roar ringing in my ears.
Let Your gaze draw me
Into the place of intimacy,
The dance with You, not just for You.
Bring me deeper into Your sorrow ––
As painful as it may be ––
That I might dance the dance of intercession.
Most importantly,
Teach me how to dance as You dance.
Lead me, and let me learn
The vocabulary of Your heart,
The ebb and flow of emotions.
These are not just steps ––
They are a language more descriptive than words.

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