coming in the cloudsPhotograph by Chickie Taylor 



By Donna Milham


Psalm 100 (The Message)
“On your feet now – applaud God!
Bring a gift of laughter,
Sing yourselves into His Presence


We come before You Lord, audience of One

We seek Your Face, Your Heart, Your Presence

We stand before You with great applause

Joining with all of creation

We stand on our feet – in holy honor

Of the One Who is Worthy of all praise


We bring the gift of laughter in the face of trials and tribulations

We come with joy and laughter – stating our trust in You

We will walk in joy and delight – stating our hope is in You

We rest in Your Delight and we are quiet and still within


We sing ourselves into Your Presence

Whether we ‘feel’ You near or not does not matter

We sing because you are the Most High God who loves us endlessly and eternally

We sing of Your goodness in the land of the living and of Your faithfulness

We sing our way out of the hopelessness and despair of the world’s posture

We sing ourselves into the realms of  ‘future and a hope’

Kingdom realms of glory


Psalm 101 (The Message)
“My theme song is God’s love and justice
And I’m singing it right to you, God”


Eternal Love Song

We sing and dance amongst the stars in the sky and the sands of the shores on earth

Our theme song of Your Love

Never ending, unfolding anthem of Your Divine Embrace and Holy Kiss

Securing our heart and soul in the warmth of Your Forever and Ever Love


Psalm 92 (The Message)
“To announce Your Love each daybreak
Sing Your faithful presence all through the night”


Announcers of Love

Each dawn – awakening love

Declaring it, singing it, releasing it out, over and with all of creation

As night gives way to dawn, our spirit man releases the decrees of

Love is still here

It is not the fleeting and sometimes fickle love of mankind

No, this is as sure as the sun’s rising and the sun’s setting

We are holy announcers to the world and galaxies beyond our sight with human eyes

We gaze with our spirits to the great beyond and we awaken and announce

His Love each daybreak!


Ps. 92 (The Message)
“My ears are filled with the sounds of promise!”


We choose to listen to Your whispered promises in our hearts

We let them sink deep into our souls

Bringing forth vision and purpose to each step, each breath we take

For You spoke each one into existence

You purposed our very beings with a blueprint and a dream in Your Heart for each one

You lovingly and with great longing – watch

Waiting for us to bring our hearts to before You – to listen to what is on Yours

Holy Dialogue of the Holy Three

Who wants to fill our ears with the sounds of Promise


Sounds of Light and Life teeming with colors and the brilliance of Heaven

Covenant Colors of the Rainbow

Wrapping us in the Eternal Garment of

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”

Heaven’s Valentine!


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