by Lupe King

I was at a nearby coffee shop dialoging with Father. As I sat, prepared to receive, I took note of the many people entering this establishment. As I started to intercede for the many that were coming and going, I stopped midway, felt myself become flustered at the hardness of the flesh with its unyielding ways…the following is my conversation with Father and His WORD to me concerning Creation-Man…

Father what is it that goes on with Your Creation Man, their superficial ways and the habits they have acquired; the unhealthy habits that they love; cancer causing chemicals in the cigarettes they smoke, fattening yeast and burning alcohol in the liquors they drink, living life in “the fast lane,” continually burning the candle on both ends, going here, going there, knowing no Sabbath Rest!

Father it is a life of mayhem and chaos, with everything becoming a “twisted mess” they have chosen to call, “My life” and always responding, “I do what I want!”


Yes, daughter, you are correct in your assumptions. Man’s focus is on instant gratification; what is pleasing to the touch and to the senses, NOW! They know no sacrifice before gratification on their parts. They live as My four legged creatures, on instinct.

Everything is about, “what is pleasing to me, NOW!” without taking anyone else into consideration. They dare not let themselves think about the future, they scarcely know how they’re going to make it through today; fear does not allow them to focus on the future.

Future to them speaks of annihilation via wars, terrorists, Sharia Law, banks going bankrupt and mass hysteria over unemployment, racism, and incurable diseases. Man is scared and is fearfully pushing itself to the exhausted brink of extinction.

My Children of The Light and Life, Jesus, hold the cure to this overwhelming darkness but how will the world hear if nothing is being said, how are they to receive if nothing is being released? My people must speak and release hope into the atmosphere, they must release Words of encouragement, Words of love, care, and concern, over My Creation-Man.

My Creation-Man longs to rest without hindrance, they long to believe in “That” Something that is good and unchangeable, they search for a Holy grace and mercy, not cheap or defiled!

It is in you to Declare, Decree, and Proclaim, grace and mercy over My Creation-Man. This is your destiny in Me. It is in You to “ARISE!” in your warfare attire with My weapons of righteousness in your right hand and in your left and with My armor you have all been individually and corporately fitted into!

ARISE… ARISE…ARISE! These are indeed the days of Elijah, the dry bones becoming as flesh! Speak, “LIFE!” My People! Speak Life to My Creation-Man…It is your destiny to release The Light and The Life, Jesus! In to the days of darkness you are in!

Do you not yet know the power of words? Light will always overtake darkness, release the Holy Words of My Word, release My prophetic Words of health and growth over My Creation-Man

Speak life into the atmosphere and let the Wind of My Spirit breathe upon it that it would grow and multiply as it hits the very targets of their hearts with My hope, My Love, and My Healing. Move in the atmosphere of heaven!




Respectfully Submitted,


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