Treasures in Jars of Clay


by Lupe King

I received this message after spending time with ABBA in intercession over broken families and Spiritually parentless families as well as physical parentless families, and all the young ones growing up without an inkling of whom Christ really is and for all the adults involved that know not what they do…


My Child, thank you for coming to me in/on behalf of these that are not able to do so themselves in this period and time.

Indeed My heart does break for all the wounded, especially, “The Little Ones,” and those that have not and are not maturing. It is hard and sad to live a life without Me. I long to hold them and cradle them in My arms and make them well. When will the time come when they tire of eating of the world’s slime? When will they tire of lack of me in their lives?

Each must come to the end of themselves …There must come upon them a ‘Holy” discontent with the world and all it offers, they must see all this for what it truly is. Pray for their eyes to be unveiled and for hardened hearts to be made tender to My touch.

You must love them like Jesus, this means you must be there for them no matter what and that you love them with healthy boundaries and discipline where and when merited but only as I can set them.

There must be humility and there must be a continual remembrance of who I am (I AM) in you, “Jesus the hope of glory!” Know that I am already at work in ways you cannot even fathom. Even now many are on My Potter’s Wheel.

Pray as there must first come a crushing of the former vessels in order that a “remolding” would begin, pray for malleable vessels to My touch, that this great work be not hindered by struggling or resistant, “clay.”

Let your prayers be the moisture that is greatly needed in the kneading and remodeling of “These treasures in jars of clay.” Let us be in agreement to love them like Jesus. Remember His great big beautiful love took Him to the cross.

Always in My Heart,


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