What Heaven Saw



by Lupe King

Do You See What I See?

Mankind would see a baby in a manger lain, swaddled and gently placed in a livestock trough, surrounded by four legged creatures that “baa’d” and “moo’d,” a lowly babe with no place to lay his head, no place to call, “home.”

Mother had no midwife’s help, no mother there to hold her hand, no father nervously, joyously, pacing, outside the door assuring his son-in-law, “all will be well!”

There were no busy relatives, spreading the news: “Mary and Joseph had a boy!”

There were no congratulations and no line at the door to welcome the baby home…

As human beings, this is what we see when we read or contemplate upon the Virgin Birth, but there is a whole other side…As a people of God and created in His image, we are both Flesh and Spirit, we have seen what the flesh sees, let us now see what the Spirit sees…

***So let there be a shift from this terrestrial realm and let us see and hear what Heaven saw and heard…

What Heaven Saw and Heard

Trumpets blasting, legions of angels attesting; “It has happened, He has come, HALLELUJAH! IMMANUEL, GOD WITH US!

Can you hear it? The roar like mighty ocean waves and the crashing of great thunder releasing waves upon waves of holy praise.

Let us join heaven’s celebration with laughter, song, and dance, in His heavenly, eternal abode.

Joyous noise knows no bounds as angels descend upon the lowly manger with clods of dirt for floor…God descending, meeting man at his depth of despair.

Heaven sends forth its Birth Announcement via a bright, resplendent star;

“For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given,

and the government will be upon

his shoulders.

And He will be called,

Wonderful Counselor, “Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace…

(Isaiah 9: 6)

Can you hear The Trees of the Nations clapping their hands? Water from the Throne gushes down with praise, The Sea of Glass reflects the splendor of God come to earth in human form.

The Bright and Morning Star (Rev. 22:16) lays at the foot of His throne…the lamb slain…swaddled in the Breastplate of The Priest, He who comes from the Order of Melchizedek, the very Rod out of the stem of Jesse

(Isa 11:1, 2)

Upon His tiny head the colors of His chosen people Israel, with the words, “Holy Unto The Lord,” written upon His priestly turban.

The lowly feeding trough…The Brazen Altar, made with acacia wood where the perfect sacrifice was made.

The wailing babe, the roar of the Lion from The Tribe of Judah.

Arms stretched out in infantile reaction…arms stretched out and nailed to a cross.

Blood and water flowing…. the sound of many waters…

Painful final cry upon exiting this world…Death and the grave conquered, all by The Holy King Priest Babe, born in a manger.

LK 12/11

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