By Lupe King

Emerge – To come out (from inside), to become apparent/known.

Emergence – The act of coming out.

2 Cor.6:17-18 (AMP); So, come out from among [unbelievers], and separate (sever) yourselves from them, says the Lord, and touch not [any] unclean thing; then I will receive you kindly and treat you with favor, (Isaiah 52:11).  And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty, (Isaiah 43:6; Hos. 1:10).

I had the unction to sketch and paint this artwork on 7/23/11, Saturday night at a Judah’s Roar meeting, where Father took over completely and took us to the place of His habitation, both individually and corporately, for two hours straight, non-stop, as we praised and worshipped prophetically via tongues, divine utterances, songs, and music, downloaded from heaven itself.   Divine visions were given to many there, as we corporately engaged Father via His tangible Presence.

The Painting

I felt led to paint a huge sun (Son) as it was rising.  I had my own desires to paint it a fiery orange and red, but felt Father say, “No, do this one in gold!”  As I followed His will, this painting of a golden half sphere emerged with specks of many different colors in its midst, there were rays and rays of colors exploding from its surface, affecting the atmosphere.   I could hear the sounds like gigantic fireworks going off simultaneously.

Father, I said, “It is a Holy explosion!”

My daughter, he responded, “It is The Holy Emergence of My tangible Presence, yes, My child, it is a Holy Emergence, no longer am I contained, the time for Holy Birthing has come, there is no more waiting, WE are birthing.

As I burst forth from the spiced tomb, so I AM bursting forth from each and every one of you, it is both an individual birthing and a corporate one as well.

It is seen in both physical and spiritual realm affecting both spheres simultaneously, it is on earth as it is in heaven, and it is NOW!!!

The sound barrier has been broken and shifting is happening faster than you can keep up with, it is the shifting of breakthrough coming forth in and through Kingdom power (MINE).  This is not of the world; it is the supernatural of My Kingdom, being released to My children and through them flow Rivers of Living Waters.

Miracles, signs and wonders are being released upon and within the earthly atmosphere; it is the Emergence of The Sons of God.

It is My Holy shifting that is altering even the stratosphere of the earthly realm.


Sun (THE SON) – Symbol of glory, brightness, and light

Specks of colors – The different colored specks speak of The Children of God, and the attributes of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that reside in each of us.

The Spewing out of the rays of color speak of the force and strength of the Holy Spirit, that which cannot be contained.  It is a supernatural breakthrough.  What was once inside is now outside, affecting both, physical and spiritual realm, the rays are shooting out, unstoppable.


Red – Royalty and its duty to engage in war to defend its lands and its peoples, wisdom, anointing, power, blood, atonement, protection, because of the blood of Christ it also speaks of Overcomers  and  for VICTORY.

Orange – The color of fire, of being tried and proven, it is also a Harvest color speaking of the reaping of the souls of men and of a season in the midst of shifting, perseverance, endurance, powerful force.

Blue – heaven, authority, communion, revelation, divine, Holy Spirit, blessings, healing, life, spiritual dominance, unimpeded growth, unlimited potential, God’s appearance, color of the cloth used to cover the Priests sacred  implements’ of service.

Gold – Sanctification; refinement of the spirit, Kingship, Kingdom, glory, holy, purity, royalty, transcendence, spiritual wealth and power.

Yellow – hope, gift of God, light, celebration, joy, renewed mind, courage, honor, golden, revelation, spiritual insight.

Green – conscience, growth, prosperity, the color of “GO!” in ancient times considered the color of the prophet, indicative of divine activity, spiritual well being and prophetic operation.

Silver – redemption, price of a soul, salvation, grace and mercy, wisdom, spiritual sphere.

In Christ,

L King

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