The Sea of Humanity


By Lupe King

Man lives a vicious cycle, “going ‘round and ‘round in circles,” everyday. Travelling… “always on the go,” with nothing Godly to break the cycle. Man has called this cycle, “Life,” but how can something that brings such weariness and desperation, be life? It is death incognito disguised as “life.”

Unawareness plagues the Sea of Humanity; lack of sensitivity has deadened the soul. The words, “Go!” and “Keep going!” have been etched in their fleshly DNA. Generations of striving have gotten them nowhere and they have become wanderers, like My people, Israel.

The Number 40 has great meaning for My Creation-Man today. They would do well to speak to me about it; there is much that will bring them freedom if they allow it to do so.

My heart cries out for their tiredness and their weariness. I stand amidst all the coming and the going, unseen and unnoticed. I am standing perfectly still in their midst, offering them the awareness, the sensitivity, they so much need in order to hear and see Me…O that they would cease from their “No time frenzy.”

This whole thing with the accumulation of wealth has become their “Golden Calf.” Mankind is no longer satisfied with the simple, yet Holy awe-inspiring, “Time with God.” The price for this has already been paid, “No strings attached!” It only needs to be acknowledged and accepted.

I long to feed the souls of My Creation-Man with Myself, but their eyes and their desires are for the things of the world, that which gives the “quick-rush,” that which can only be used once and then thrown away, that which only money can buy.

Humanity is living in a constant fast pace way of life. It is always a race to see who gets there first, with no time to acknowledge those that have been hurt or injured along the way.

“Time,” man has convinced himself and each other that it is he that sets the boundaries of time, and that time belongs to “me.” Mankind would do well to return to the roots in My Word in Job.

*Here it is My Children, You who are called by My Name, the Sea of Humanity does not know me, so they do not know to explore the meaning of the #40 according to My Word, they do not know the freedom that I speak about in the Book of Job. Will you teach them? Will you teach each other? You are My hands and feet on earth, perhaps you are the tangible Presence of Me that they need, perhaps if you take the time to stand amidst the crowds of the “Comers and the Goers,” perhaps just perhaps they will take notice. Will you help Me? Will you cause My kingdom to be furthered here on earth as it is in heaven? Will you give Me the time? Will you lend yourself to hear Me?

Look for Me in the streets, look for Me in daily lives, look for Me amidst the rich and the poor, look for Me amidst men, women and children. Do not allow yourself to be held back by man-made walls or boundaries that are self-created!

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  1. This is an awesome article that brought much insight with what God put on my heart today. Thank you for this spirit-filled word from God’s heart. Blessings to your ministry!

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