by Kathy Vecchio

An antique mirror
Roses carved into its rich frame
Stands at the gates of heaven
Bridal lace drapes the ancient wood
A rich thick rug is on the floor
A blood red pathway to the mirror is narrow but inviting
When one stands before the mirror
not matter how sickly, tattered, beaten, weak or weary
the image reflected back is one of perfection!
Youthful, glowing strength and beauty!
The mirror is made from the tears of our Savior
as He cried our for His Bride
He embraced the cross – Opened His Arms and encircled each one He has called
with His magnificent healing Perfect Love
The image in the mirror of tears is how He sees each one of us
His perfect, pure, overcoming bride
His prize, His desire!
The fruit of His passion and perfect sacrifice!
We must believe and trust this vision and image
we are called to dress for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb
This is how the world will see us in these last days before
the Bridegroom comes.

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