By Lupe King

Amidst the noise of work, blasting sound systems, and diverse languages being spoken at the same time, God still speaks. It is hard to listen with so much going on…I say, “Lord give me Your focus, Your clarity that I may intercede for The Sea of Humanity…


Listen to the silence inside of you, let that be your focus, and you can and will hear Me clearly. Speak to the Sea of Humanity, “Peace! Be Still”…

Pray that relationship with me would be their focus, that self-created busyness would cease, if only for a moment. That they would come out of their self-made fortresses of distraction, pain, and separation and that they would cry out deeply from within themselves…some of them, most, have stifled the groaning and the moaning of their spirits for lack of a “Listening” ear and an “unjudgmental” spirit, and so have walked the other way, which has borne self-destruction via intestinal illnesses and unhealthy eating habits.

Spiritual and emotional issues left unattended soon become physical illnesses. Mankind would find that most of these illnesses would be healed and even avoided if they could just have a listening audience of “one” to unload; express their feelings to, no matter how hard or bad their feelings are.

Many of My children cry out to me and say, “Father, I long to be used by You, I long to do Your will!”

Well, here it is, My will is that you listen! Give My creation Man the time of day! Listen with hearts of compassion…Listen to each other.

As My Children you need each other, build each other up, bind each others’ wounds, speak words of encouragement, and spur each other on!

You as Children of God are in a season of great and phenomenal change; the atmosphere of heaven is shifting NOW!

Know this; great, miraculous change is upon you, in you, and through you. You are the miracles, the signs and the wonders, and from you they will flow.

It is already happening; open your eyes, ears, and hearts to my visitations


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