God, The Master Artist

By Lupe King

In the “Beginning,” the earth was empty and without form…and darkness filled the void (Genesis).

The black, the darkness, was the Gesso of the Holy Spirit, it was the empty canvas, upon which God spoke…Creation came forth! the colors…the lights…the sounds…

God’s Masterpiece, Mankind

…We are all like puzzle pieces…different…unique…Everyone, one of a kind, all part of His Grand Design; the big picture; CREATION, at its Godly best!

Splashes of God

I see You God, here, there everywhere. You are no longer obscured, distant or far. I see You in Your vegetation, earth; ground, clay, provision. I see You in the ocean and I hear Your cry in the seagulls, I hear Your singing in Your beautiful winged creatures, I feel Your love and acceptance in “Man’s best friend,” our four footed friends. I see Your joy in the gathering of children and families and I feel Your breath in the wind, I feel Your warmth in the sun, flames of candles , and firewood, as it burns I am reminded of Your eternal desires for relationship with mankind.

God, You are Holy Ground in my heart, how can I not change? Your waves of love overtake me again and again.

I see You in the image of man, the reflection of You in each and everyone. God, do they see You in me? I hope so. Nothing gives me greater joy than to know I am Yours, a puzzle piece, a significant part of Your grand design.


WORD (based on the above writing)

You are beholding God with eyes unveiled and sensing Him-Spirit to Spirit. His heart beats inside of you …His awareness has been birthed in you and now you will birth the waves of His Spirit everywhere you go. You have acquired the tenderness of His love for you. Relationship has been birthed and now you will no longer be the same! The glory of God has been birthed in you and you are forever changed, before you existed in the kingdom of God and now you are living in the kingdom of God. I am so glad you have come!


The Lover of Your Soul

Fly like the eagle!


Awaken O man to the Breath of God within you, and LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!


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