You Reign

By Jen Brinton

You reign.
Over all of creation, over heaven and earth, and all that is in between.
The earth trembles at Your footsteps.
Thunder calls in Your footsteps.
Lightning crackles in the sky when You are near.
All of creation longs for You.
I dance for no other.
I worship no other.
You are the only One worthy to be praised.
I choose to ignore other gods, for they are false.
I choose to ignore the false kings who parade themselves on a stage of their own making.
Only You are worthy, and I kneel before You alone.
Kingdoms will rise and fall, but You reign for all of eternity.
Those who try to take Your place fall to dust.
I am nothing without You.
You give me purpose.
Do not just reign in all of creation;
Reign in me.

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