The Cross

by Jen Brinton

I don’t normally use the cross much in artwork, nevermind beadwork. I often feel like it will cause some to turn away, which it very well could, but that shouldn’t be my focus. Really, I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. That being said…

This necklace holds a lot of symbolism for me. I’ll start with the center of it. A pastor gave each member of his church (which I was part of) an olive wood cross made in Jerusalem. I held onto it for a few years before finally figuring out what to do with it.

Olives are crushed when being processed for oil. Likewise, Jesus (or Yeshua, as I’ve come to call Him) was crushed, beaten, spit at, etc. As terrible as it was, this abuse and eventual death led to the redemption of mankind. Do you see where I’m going with this?

On either side of the cross are colorful wooden beads. They’re yellow, red, green, and blue. Red is for the blood of Christ. The blue is a representation of royalty and the heavenlies, as well as revelation. Green is life. Yellow is often glory. Most of these colors are carried on in the necklace (aside from yellow and the red). The earthy colored chips are in sets of five. I did this on purpose. Five, for whatever reason, somehow represents grace. I used the earthy chips to say that God has grace with us, no matter how messy we get. The green chips come in threes to represent the Trinity, and their color reminds me of life and light… and new growth, resurrection power, etc. The blue chips are a very sky-like blue, and I put them in sevens, because seven is the number of perfection. The gold hearts were meant to remind me of the heart of the Father.

The two bears are to remind me of a story told by a visiting pastor, which very closely resembles the story of Yeshua’s death and resurrection. I can’t tell it as well as he did. I can’t even come close. Besides… it’s his story, and I won’t steal it from him.

The beads with the diamond pattern reminded me of clay, even though they’re glass. One of them has a flaw, which fits in, because we are imperfect (without Him). The diamond pattern also reminds me that my God is not poor…

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