Uncharted Realms of Worship

By Donna Milham

He issued to us – an invitation to enter
The uncharted realms of worship
We entered not knowing where He would lead
Where He would take us by His Spirit
The four winds blew
The angels were present
The weighty Presence of the Eternal One
God of Eternity, Wonder and Majesty came down
His Breath among us, filling us afresh…..
Breathing in Life and Light
Songs birthed by His Spirit
Aligning our hearts with Heaven
Heaven in our midst
Holy Holy Holy
Moving with creation’s dance and song
Holy Light surrounding…….Holy Embrace surrounding
Imparting into our spirit man
Holy desire, Holy fire, Holy love
Rhythms and sounds of thunder
He wrapped us in His Divine Embrace….it sounded like thunder
Wrapping us in Holy Light – shielding, hiding, sheltering……
Sons and daughters of holy light and life……
Wrapped in His Desire…..what more could one ask for
This God of Love filling our hearts
Bring us again into these uncharted waters of worship
The very river of life and fire pours in and through us
Bring us again into the unknown realms with You!

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