Womb of the Dawn

By Donna Milham of Eagle & Dove Ministries

I recently attended Harvest Fest at MorningStar and Bobby Conner released a prophetic word regarding Psalm 110:3 and Womb of The Dawn. He challenged us to wait on Yom Kippur with this Psalm before the Lord and allow Him to speak to us for 2010.
I took this seriously and the following is what I received. I pray it will speak to your heart and spirit.


WOMB OF THE DAWN    by Donna Milham
Womb of birthing
Sons of light
Sons of holy light
There is no darkness within them
Radiating illuminaries
Filled – oozing – beams of light and life
Sounds of waters – not the Red Sea parting
But of waters bursting – breaking open and bringing forth sons
Of the Kingdom of Light
That will overtake and push back the darkness
They have given themselves freely – these ones who will birth sons of dawn and sons of light
In their mouths will be – arise – arise – arise and shine
The hour is at hand to arise and shine
It is not tomorrow but this very day
Light will come forth from their mouths
And overtake dark lies and veils and consume with holy presence of
the Radiant One within
Pulsating throbbing light of Mercy and Grace
Like a lighthouse on a steep cliff or craggy shoreline that sends forth
Life signals
This is the way – walk ye in it
Once you were darkness now you are light
Walk as children of Light
Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy
By Grace by Surrender
Willingly volunteering, enabled by His empowering and might
Light of Resurrection Power – this is not a little light
But a Dunamis Explosive Blinding to the enemy – Awakening to the Bride,
calling to the prodigal and a beacon to the lost
Hear the sounds of waters breaking – birthing – sons of the dawn
MorningStar is rising with healing in His wings
No more shadowlands
Gray overtaken by light within and without
What can stop holy declarations of life and light
They rush across the sea like a mighty wind
Carrying the power of the One who is All Brilliant and Bright
Speed of Light – flashes of Truth go forth
Splitting apart in a moment
What man’s wisdom could never accomplish
Demolishing strongholds and lies
There is a sound a sound a sound of Dawn’s Womb
Birthing awakeners
Awaken the dawn with a song
Awaken the dawn with a song
They move and release light
Dance of light and life
Twirling and swirling – light – flashes – from hands and feet and eyes
Drummers sticks and hands releasing lightning of authority
Demolishing schemes, plans, strategies of darkness
Crushing them with revelatory rhythms of Light – Kingdom Light and Authority
Words of teachers come forth suspended in air – pulsing with deliverance, wisdom and understanding
Opening minds – depositing Heavenly virtue and revelation
Painters canvases alive – no flat colors
Alive with reflection of Heavenly realms seen now on earth
Not from soul but from visitation and Presence –
Holy Light’s Presence is standing, watching, waiting
Heavenly Beings in battle array – watching waiting
To be released by sons of Light
Arising – awakening
Running forward into the night
In Holy Light, with Holy Light
He thrusts them into the darkness and through us declares

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