A Light in the Darkness


Lupe King

A Light in the Darkness

Psalm 18:28; You O Lord, keep my lamp burning; My God turns my darkness into light.

This artwork speaks of The Light and The Hope that consumes the darkness.

The Breath of God fans the flame of this candle. Even though the waves of darkness threaten to consume it. It is empowered by His Presence, and grows bigger, stronger, and brighter.

The waves of the darkness speak of the restlessness of world, the flesh and the devil and represent its constant movement; evil knows no respite.

The Candle represents our spirit and bears witness to the quick but short-lived flames of our human soul; eternity is only a breath away.

The candleholder is representative of our human bodies; notice it is gold in color and speckled with black spots pointing to the ongoing process of sanctification; we are a work in progress.

The flame speaks of inner illumination (Proverbs 20:27) and the revelation that comes only through God’s guidance on our spiritual pathyway/s (Psalm 18:28, Luke 11:36.) It is the glory of the Lord that shines upon our heads (Proverbs 29:3) and points to His illumination over our imagination/s, thoughts, ideas, and is associated with wisdom, control and authority.

Finally and foremost it speaks of Christ’s message as the Light that shines in the darkness of the world (Matt. 5:15).

Darkness does not influence light rather it is The Light (Jesus) that overtakes and overwhelms the darkness.

The Yellow speaks of hope and gift of God

The Orange of perseverance and endurance

The Blue of heavenly things and revelation

The Gold of sanctification and because of Jesus’ great sacrifice, being “priceless in God’s eyes.

The swirl design on the candleholder speaks of evolving through spiritual growth always and only as God enables us.

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