Eyes to See



By Lupe King

…How can I hand you over?…

My heart is changed within me

all my compassion is aroused.

(Hosea 11:8)

 I entitled this painting “Eyes to See.”  One day following a prayer meeting, I felt the unction of the Holy Spirit to “play” with my paints; I had no particular agenda in mind.  As I stared at the painting, I felt in my heart God asking, “What do you see?”   I stared again at my colorful painting and I laughed and said, “Nothing Lord, just lots of colors!”  He said, “No, not with your human eyes but with the eyes of your Spirit-man.” So I prayed and then looked again, I could not believe what I was seeing.

 Amidst all the beautiful colors I saw not just an angel but the Angel of the Lord (I felt this in my Spirit) with a flowing gown of multi-colors, his face was resplendent, in the bottom left corner I saw a woman kneeling in great humility, head bowed.  I could feel much sorrow and pain.  In the middle of everything that was already there I felt led to draw an eye, not just an eye but the “All-Seeing Eye of God

(2 Chron. 16:9).   In my heart I sensed the compassion and the love of the Holy Spirit for her.  As I remained in the Spirit, I saw The Eye begin to weep and His tears flowed and fell upon this lovely child of God, bringing healing and restoration.

 The All Seeing Eye of God contains The Cross as the Apple of His Eye, which He willingly embraced penetrating humanity with His sacrificial love.  The tears are in brown standing for His humility and the red in the center of the tears just speaks of His great love and sacrifice for mankind.  You will notice that the woman is literally within His eye; this signifies that she is “within” His gaze.

 The multi-colors stand for His many gifts and His joy that He showers upon His children.  The red heart speaks of His great passion in His compassion.

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